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Our Services

We help businesses from all industries. We have worked with aviation companies (airlines, airports, consultants), real estate agents & groups, health clinics, schools and more!

Web Consulting

Jet Media Consultants is a small group of professionals helping businesses take off online. We help companies successfully progress from strategic planning to reaching objectives.

Our Services

Website Development

Planning the redesign of your site is a huge project. Optimizing your site and making it responsive, while not losing sight of user experience (UX), can also be a lot of work. We can handle this part of your business, working with an agile project management method.

Social Media Management

Planning and implementing a communication plan is critical to the success of your business. We can help you publish the right content based on your industry and vision.

Web Intelligence Analytics

Potential customers will interact with your sites in many ways. They might navigate around your pages, jump across to your social media platforms, click on a link from a newsletter, etc. We study and analyze the behavior of users on sites in order to maximize the performance of your content and channels.

E-Marketing & communications

Do you communicate and engage well with your existing and potential clients? Performing A/B testing, designing your newsletter, creating the right message to capture the attention of the consumer with meaningful information... we can help. 


Performing an inbound audit of your content, from social media communications to your entire website, can help you re-align your strategy and focus on the user experience. This is crucial for your search engine optimization (SEO) and business success.

Content creation

Statistics prove that optimized and quality content will enable you to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Making a content strategy & implementing it brings results. High quality, consistent images, videos, presentations and written content are areas where content impacts your brand and image. Content is central to your success and should never be overlooked.


“I used JetMediaConsultants's services to create my website. What a positive experience! Geneviève was able to meet all my expectations and objectives. I highly recommend working with her and her team.”

Ready to find out more?

We work on projects of all sizes. Contact us for a free evaluation. We will respond promptly to let you know how we can support your business.

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