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Audit your online presence

Performing an audit on a weekly, monthly or bi-annual basis is good practice. This allows you to get an expert opinion on where adjustments could be made.


Key audit areas include:

  • SEO 

  • Content revision 

  • Verifying and testing your website 

  • Identifying user experience issues

  • Identifying images or content that are not loading properly

  • Testing the speed of your website

  • Analyzing which pages of your site perform better than others

  • Making a plan to adjust performance issues

  • Having an expert proofread your content

  • Digital marketing innovation


Some clients make changes to their website on a daily basis, especially online stores. Errors can occur during this process and might not be picked up at the time. These errors, however small, can affect your ranking on search engines and have an impact on your brand and image.

Do you wonder why you don’t have much engagement with your followers, even though you have a large number on your social platforms? There are many factors that you might not be aware of that can affect algorithms and engagement. 


Contact us to get a quote for an audit of your site and social media. 

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