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Industries and Expertise 

Travel industry & web support: Small Airlines, Airports & Travel Companies

With more than 15 years of aviation experience and a lot of passion for the industry of travel & tourism, we have a deep understanding of airlines, airports, travel companies and tourism offices. Travelling is in constant transformation and it is a reality with the presence online and through all the different online channels. Having a robust social media strategy, listening to your audience, planning & structuring your communication efforts and creating an impressive website are key to success. Contact us to learn on how we can help your company stand out in a post-covid world.

Travel agency: branding, web and operation support

We have a wide expertise to support travel agencies. We believe travel advisors are essentials in this AI and online world. There are many areas where the internet and a computer will not support a client's need. This is why we propose support in different areas in order for travel management companies to continu succeed in today's challenges.

Here are some of the services we can help your company with:

- Branding

- Video and photography creation (or coaching)

- How to have an effective blog and drive traffic to your website

- Social media strategies, management

- Email marketing and communications 


- Training for GDS

- Sales and marketing tactics

- communication and marketing plan

- and more!



I have been running a successful business for more than 15 years, and before that I spent a decade in the aviation industry in a variety of interesting roles. During that time, I also owned and managed several commercial properties. I have a diploma in e-business and continue to improve my skills and expertise in this area on a daily basis through reading and learning about the industry. I am passionate about many industries, including the travel world, but mostly about web-marketing and strategic planning.


We have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer to small businesses, particularly those who are looking for someone to manage their web presence and who want to see results. Our vision is to be bold, authentic and successful. We look forward to meeting you!

Geneviève Labrosse

Founder & Ideator

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