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  • Geneviève Labrosse

Write less, read less, get read

My inbox is full. Full of promotions, newsletters, statistic reports, business propositions, educational emails, the list goes on. Some of it is funny, captivating, engaging, informative or crucial. Unfortunately, a lot of it is spam, useless and has poor (or no!) content.

Did you know that 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone? This shows how vital that line is in getting the recipient to read the email itself.

It is best practice to organize your ideas and focus on the goal of your email (this should be part of a strategy). Just sending an email to get in touch with your clients or subscribers isn’t going to lead to success.

Crafting a successful email campaign is about getting the message right, using compelling images (or video) and strong tag lines, all of which will lead the reader closer to the sales funnel. Whether your message is about a product update, event announcement, co-marketing partnership, new webinar or something else, make sure you target the right audience. Segmentation is also very important when getting your recipient list ready. Sending an email with a winter landscape to people who are in the middle of summer might create negative or confused feelings.

Finally, get your email campaign checked by a proofreader. This is a small expense that will give big returns in terms of professionalism, image and branding endorsement.

Less is more!
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