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Digital Marketing Strategy

01. Creativity

It's not just about analyzing the numbers to get results. Thinking outside the box, staying authentic and finding a unique selling point for your products will all make your business stand out from the competition.  

02. Innovation

Marketing has changed so much in the last decade. The strategy is about fresh ideas, innovating and adapting to a constantly evolving world. Successful and inventive strategy comes from having everyone on board and actively involved.

03. Study

To prepare your digital marketing strategy, the first step is to complete a market & competition analysis. Understanding the environment of the market, your competition and the trends is key to establishing your unique selling point. Equally important is knowing your audience demographics and the needs and motivation of the client. This will enable you to focus your energy in the right directions and assist with creating your communication strategy. 

04. Goals and Focus

It's easy to get carried away with doing too many things and doing none of them well. Once the ideas are gathered and the objectives are set, the next step is to find the right tools and tactics to grow your business in the way that you want. Keeping it simple is usually the best way.

05. Tactics, Channels and Content

Creating the best content is important. Taking into consideration SEO, choosing the right content and adapting it to your communication plan and strategy will get you closer to meeting your goals. Our services include the creation of both visual (photography & videography) and written content, reviewed by our professional proofreaders and writers. We can produce content in French, English and German. 

06. Execution, Analysis and Adjustment

Once the content is published and the strategy is being executed it's time to evaluate the performance of your tactics. Listening to the audience on social media and analyzing the different strategies in place should guide you in making adjustments for better results in your sales and lead acquisition. 

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