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Website Development

Enhance your current website, SEO and responsiveness

First impressions matter, a lot! We will commit to improving your business results by enhancing your website’s performance. If your site is not responsive, mobile adapted or fast, and if it has architectural issues or poor SEO, it will be pushed away by the search engine crawlers. Not only that but the users, your potential clients, may just leave your site. We can help you improve your site’s content and architecture, as well as creating an online marketing strategy to achieve the right results. Whether it is proofreading your content in different languages or performing an audit to find aspects in need of an update, these are areas where a small investment can start to improve your site. We can make your site adapted (also called responsive) so that it will be displayed well on most devices. Did you know there are 4.32 billion active mobile internet users worldwide? This shows how vital it is to have a responsive site!  

Maintenance of your website

Once your site is live, responsive and optimized for SEO, it will require constant monitoring. Updates, making back ups, blogging and content modification are just some of the things that will need your attention to ensure your site stays successful. This can seem daunting, but we can manage this responsibility for you. Contact us for a quote.

Building a new website with CMS or wordpress

In addition to being a partner with Wix, we have also built sites on other platforms such as Squarespace & Shopify. Contact us to discuss your needs and objectives so that we can orient your site building to the right CMS or to a web developer. We prefer to work with editing software to build UX/UI designs, but we are also sympathetic to our client’s budgets and expectations, which is why we can build simple websites and make sure they are as responsive and optimized as possible.



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(population being 38.4million as of October 2021)

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